IV Sedation in Jacksonville, FL

 IV drip for sedation

Many patients avoid routine and emergency oral care because they struggle with anxiety or dental phobias. We offer IV sedation to patients with these concerns, as it's a method that helps them relax and receive the treatment they need comfortably and effectively. With our modern technology and caring staff, you won't fear our tools and procedures!

How Does IV Sedation Work?

When dentists administer sedation through an IV, the patient reaches a "twilight” state in which they feel drowsy and sometimes fall asleep. If you need sedation before a procedure, you’ll sit down, and we inject an IV line into your arm.

Since this method allows anesthesia to go straight to your bloodstream, the drug takes effect almost immediately. We control the amount of sedation you need throughout the procedure to make sure you're relaxed and safe.

Some reasons you might need IV sedation include:

Benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation makes oral procedures easier for dentists and patients, as this method provides the following advantages:

  • Immediate effect
  • Ability to reverse unnecessary sedation
  • Little to no recollection of the dental procedure
  • Fit for most patients
  • Relieves anxiety and fear

Looking for a Dentist in Jacksonville, FL, Who Administers IV Sedation?

Dental fear will no longer control you after you experience the wonders of IV sedation in our office. Contact us today to find out if this sedation will work for you, and book an appointment!

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