Gum Sculpting in Jacksonville, FL

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Regardless of how straight their teeth are, some people aren’t entirely comfortable with how their smile looks due to the shape of their gums. If you want your teeth to look bigger and your gums to stop showing as much in pictures, your search for the perfect cosmetic surgery is over.

Our team can perform gum sculpting to contour your gums and give them the shape you want. Kiss your gummy smile goodbye!

What Is Gum Sculpting?

Gum sculpting is used to reshape gum tissue. Dentists perform this surgery to improve a patient’s appearance and heal severely receding gums.

We adapt the procedure according to your needs. If you have low gums, we use our dental tools to get rid of extra tissue and create a new smile showing more teeth. If you have high gums, we stitch tissue from other parts of your mouth and restore your gumline.

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Why Do Patients Need Gum Sculpting?

Patients with a lower gumline have smaller-looking teeth. This characteristic doesn’t pose risks to their oral health but might make them unhappy about their looks.

Having a gummy smile is out of your control, but receding gums are usually a result of poor oral habits or injury. Some causes of high gums that might force your dentist to perform gum sculpting include:

  • Trauma
  • Excessive or aggressive brushing
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications

Do You Want to Get Gum Sculpting Surgery in Jacksonville, FL?

Be it to enhance your looks or heal damaged oral tissue, our team performs gum sculpting to improve your appearance and health. Call us today and book an appointment!

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