Tooth Extraction in Jacksonville, FL

dental tools holding an extracted tooth

Dentists do everything in their power to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes the damage is irreversible, and they can’t save a tooth. If infection, decay, or trauma severely hurts your teeth and gums, the situation might require a tooth extraction. Our team has the modern technology to perform this and other oral surgery procedures and give you a reason to smile again!

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Teeth are comprised of many different layers, and the ones under the surface contain vulnerable nerves and blood vessels. When bacteria attack the tissue below the gum line, they can cause an infection and forever damage your natural tooth. Dentists must remove ill teeth to stop bacteria from hurting healthy oral tissue and keep your oral problems in check.

Dentists might also suggest pulling one or more of your teeth if:

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction?

Once the painless surgery is over, you’ll have to follow your dentist’s instructions carefully to prevent an infection. The tissue might be healed, but the gap can become a place for bacteria to accumulate and wreak havoc again. If you want to complete your smile, you can start looking into tooth replacement alternatives, which include:

Is It Time for a Tooth Extraction? Visit Southern Smiles!

Tooth extractions are game-changers when it comes to restoring your dental health, and our technology and trained staff provide the best results! Contact us today to learn more and book an appointment.

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