Complete Dentures in Jacksonville, FL

full dentures for upper and lower teeth

Losing all your teeth tends to be discouraging and turns everyday activities, such as eating or talking, into a challenge. Luckily, if you suffer from this issue, you can get personalized complete dentures at the Southern Smiles dental practice. This removable and natural-looking replacement can turn your smile into your greatest asset while keeping oral problems at bay.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are artificial resin or porcelain prosthetics that replace a full set of teeth. When injury, aging, or poor oral habits take away most or all your natural teeth, complete dentures provide an effective and removable solution to give you a true-to-life smile.

Like partial ones, complete dentures have crowns stuck to a gum-like base, and we custom-make them to fit perfectly inside your mouth. If necessary, we extract any remaining teeth getting in the way and then use a safe adhesive to put the dentures over your gums. 

Dentures aren’t a permanent replacement, so you can only wear them during the day and have to take them out at night. 

Why Are Complete Dentures a Good Option?

Patients with several missing teeth prefer complete dentures over other replacements because they offer several benefits, such as:

How to Care for Your Dentures

Complete dentures can last up to a decade if you lead a healthy lifestyle and care for your prosthetics according to your dentist’s instructions. Below are some helpful care tips for your complete dentures:

  • Soak them overnight
  • Rinse them before putting them on
  • Brush your teeth properly
  • Don’t eat hard foods

Do You Need Complete Dentures in Jacksonville, FL? 

Complete dentures can give your smile a youthful, dazzling look and improve your oral health. Contact our office today to see if you can benefit from this teeth replacement.

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