Periodontal Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL

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When bacteria attach to your teeth and gums, you become vulnerable to sensitivity, an abscess, and tooth loss. A periodontist tackles problems with the tissue surrounding your teeth, restoring your gums and freeing you of pain and infection. Our team of trained experts has the technology and knowledge to heal your gums and make your mouth healthy once more!

What Does a Periodontist Do?

Professionals specializing in periodontal dentistry diagnose, treat, and prevent gum disease. Gum disease (also known as gingivitis or periodontitis) is an irritation of your gum tissue that results when bacteria accumulate around your gums, pushing them back and gaining access to the nerves and vessels below your teeth.

If you notice signs of this oral problem and schedule a visit, a periodontist performs an oral examination and designs a treatment plan to heal damaged tissue. A periodontist can treat early symptoms and advanced cases.

When Should You See a Periodontist?

Luckily, gum disease has symptoms that are easy to identify, even during its early stages. You should visit a periodontist when you catch signs like:

  • Swollen, red, and receding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Sensitivity
  • Bleeding
  • Pain

Surgical and Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Depending on the severity of your gum disease, a periodontist might have to provide treatment by performing surgery. When the condition is not advanced, simply removing accumulated bacteria with dental tools does the trick. However, severe recession and excessive bleeding might indicate it’s too late to turn to non-surgical procedures.

Periodontal Dentistry Services We Offer

At Southern Smiles, we offer the following periodontal dentistry procedures:

Do You Need Periodontal Dentistry Services in Jacksonville, FL?

If you want to treat your gum disease symptoms or prevent this condition altogether, trust us with your oral health. We’ll care for your mouth in a comfortable, modern environment. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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