iTero Digital Impressions in Jacksonville, FL

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People who need orthodontic treatment have to get uncomfortable impressions of their smile with trays and gum, which can result in ill-fitted aligners. Luckily, experts have created iTero digital impressions: a non-invasive procedure to get a detailed model of your oral tissue. Thanks to this equipment, our dentists can custom-design the perfect aligners for you without using unpleasant techniques.

How Do iTero Digital Impressions Work?

Dentists take iTero digital impressions by holding a wand-like scanner inside your mouth and taking pictures for at least two minutes. The small machine creates images of your teeth, gums, and tongue and slowly makes a 3D rendering of your smile on our computer.

Since this process uses laser technology instead of radiation, your dentist can take as many impressions as necessary to make the perfect model of your oral structures. Once the rendering is ready, you’ll have a detailed and accurate digital impression of your facial tissue to design custom aligners. 

The benefits that come with this using this technology include:

  • Being non-invasive
  • Creating more accurate impressions
  • Saving you time
  • Creating images to see the progress of your orthodontic treatment

When Do Dentists Use iTero Digital Impressions?

We use iTero digital impressions to design clear aligner trays and retainers that fit you perfectly, fixing the position of your teeth without causing pain and hurting oral tissue. When an orthodontic device is personalized, you can solve issues like:

  • Overcrowding
  • Overbites and underbites
  • Tooth gaps
  • Jaw misalignment

Southern Smiles Provides iTero Digital Impressions in Jacksonville, FL.

iTero digital impressions allow our team to give effective orthodontic treatment without compromising your well-being. Book an appointment today if you want to see what this and other modern equipment can do for your oral health!

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