Dental Bonding in Jacksonville, FL

patient getting teeth bonding

Cracks, gaps, and uneven tooth shades hinder your teeth’s appearance and might give you a reason to hide your smile from others. Luckily, we don’t have to make an extraction to fix these issues, as we use bonding to make your teeth healthier and more beautiful. After our team applies resin over your problematic teeth and cures the material with a UV light, you’ll want to flaunt your smile in every picture! 

How Does Bonding Work?

Bonding uses resin to fix cosmetic issues resulting from trauma or poor oral habits. This treatment is painless, but sometimes we numb the area with local anesthesia to deal with sensitive tissue. After we match the resin shade to your natural teeth color and prepare the tooth, we apply and mold the material to mask the minor imperfections troubling your smile. Finally, we shine a UV light over the area to permanently fix the material to your tooth enamel.

Patients get a natural and beautiful-looking smile by restoring their teeth with bonding and enjoy other benefits like:

  • Protection against bacteria
  • Improved tooth function
  • Safe and effective treatment

What Issues Can Bonding Fix?

As long as your oral health is in check, you can undergo bonding to enhance your smile’s aesthetics. The main issues that drive our patients to get this procedure include:

Do You Need Dental Bonding in Jacksonville, FL?

Don’t let your discolored, uneven, or misshapen teeth stop you from smiling confidently, and talk to Southern Smiles to find out if bonding is a suitable option for you. Contact us today and see what modern equipment and trained staff can do!

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